(in times of COVID19)

We are collating some links to help you with your home-based learning with your children. These are by no means exhaustive, and we will continue to update once we get to know more of other learning sites. We have not used all of them so we welcome your feedback if anything is inappropriate. Although these learning activities are digital in nature, we felt that this is not the time to have the debate between screen and off-screen. We encouraged scheduling and moderation – where there are blocks of time for different types of learning and play in the home. Post on your social media and tag @ungu_pen / @UNGUPEN and hashtag #HBLUP


Song Lyrics (K1)

Song Lyrics (K2)

Activity Ideas (K1)

Activity Ideas (K2)

Lirik Lagu (K1)

Lirik Lagu (K2)

Aktiviti Saranan

50 best indoor activities for kids

Abu Ada Ayam (Malay Phonics Song)

School Closure Resource Guide: 100 websites for home learning


Primary Schools

Primary SG (app)



Siri Bacaan Nabil Nabilah P1

Siri Bacaan Nabil Nabilah P2

Siri Bacaan Nabil Nabilah P3

Siri Bacaan Nabil Nabilah P4

87 energy-busting indoor activities for kids


General Knowledge

NLB Mobile App


All You Can Books

Dim Sum Warriors COVID19 Quiz


Free ebooks on Coronavirus

Be a Coronavirus Fighter

Why are we home? Suzie learns about coronavirus