Tulisan : Mahaya Mohd. Yassin | Ilustrasi: Emilia Yusof

Ibu Ayam berasa sedih sebab kehilangan seekor anak ayam. Mawar, si anak jelita, cuba memujuknya. Berjayakah mereka mencari anak ayam yang hilang itu?

MAHAYA MOHD. YASSIN was awarded outstanding lecturer and writer, Munsyi Dewan. She is the Head of the Negeri Sembilan Writer’s Association (PEN), guest author of the state FM “Sari Bahasa” and poetry reviewer of Dewan Siswa. She lectures on language, literature, school literature component (KOMSAS), creative writing and proper usage of language. Her creative works include picture books, poetry, short stories, anthologies for children, novels, biographies, language and literature guides, essays, song lyrics and translations. She has lectured in Singapore and Brunei.

EMILA YUSOF is a popular illustrator and blogger. Her first picture book, My Mother’s Garden has been published in English, Malay, Chinese and German, in both print, digital and animation formats. Other books by Emila include the bestselling Legendary Princesses of Malaysia, and colouring for adults series, Colourart by Emila Yusof. She has written and illustrated a series of eight craft books for children.