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Maryam Amelie B’Andalusia Peach Snood


B’Andalusia Peach

This two tone design with a tinge of complimentary colours allows you to find that perfect balance for yourself, any day, any time, and you are ready to go.

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Maryam Amelie’s B’Andalusia Collection has been specially designed on luxe satin silk material that has been carefully handpicked.

The B’Andalusia collection is a fusion of geometrical patterns found in Andalusia, Spain and the florals on the sarong batik of the Malay archipelago.

B’Andalusia is about finding balance in this often noisy, fast pace world. It is about preserving a personal heritage amidst globalisation and commercialisation, adapting to change and yet being rooted to one’s personal identity.

Size: One size, regular

Feel: Luxe and silky, pinless, stay in place, easy to iron, non-slippery and drapes easily

4 in stock