Maryam Amelie Parisienne Pink-Nectarine


Parisienne Pink-Nectarine

“And we have created you in pairs”  ~ [Quran, Surah An-Naba 78:8].

There is a pair of Eiffel Towers, a bicycle and a tree with lots of hearts. Each Parisienne shawl also comes in a “pair” of colours that blend seamlessly from pink to nectarine. Wear the Parisienne shawl in whichever colour that suit your mood for the day – pink or nectarine, and know that you deserve “to love, and to be loved”.

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Product Description

Maryam Amelie’s Parisienne Collection has been specially designed on luxe satin silk material that has been carefully handpicked.

There is always an air of romance about the French capital, Paris. The Parisienne Collection is a snapshot of Maryam Amelie’s personal memories in Paris. She has carved subtle love messages in this Parisienne Collection, taken from a quote in her novella, The Truth Seekers @ Haji Lane.

“Men and women are all the same. We all have basic needs. To love and to be loved.”

Measurement: 175 cm by 70 cm

Feel: Luxe and silky, stay in place, easy to iron, and non-slippery