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Soulful Stories: of Hope, Love and Light


A compilation of 23 Soulful Stories from Muslim individuals from all walks of life, depths of beliefs and strength of characters. Stories of faith and hope; healing and gratitude; of seeking God’s love, and seeing His Light. Stories to uplift your soul.

“This amazing compilation by Maria Mahat and her publishing house, Ungu Pen, is a noble and amazing effort which helps us recognise the variety, the uniqueness, and the reality of challenges faced by the people around us. This book teaches us that behind every smile, there may be fragility, vulnerability, and at the same time, immense strength.” – Mizi Wahid, author, The Art of Letting God

  • ISBN: 978-981-11-3521-7
  • No of Pages: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • Language: English with glossary for Arabic and Malay words
  • Compilation Editor: Maria Mahat
  • Co-editor: Faizah Abdul Malik
  • Foreword: Mizi Wahid
  • Publisher: Ungu Pen, Singapore
  • Contributing Authors: 23 Muslim individuals based in Singapore, Dubai and the United Kingdom

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23 Co-Authors

Jasima Syed Sulaiman

Raisa Malik

Lily Awallyah

Ameera Begum

Khairi Johari

Fazil Musa

Hidayah Amin

Suad Kamardeen

Djohan Abdul Rahman

Juzaila Jumari

Rabiatul P.

Humairah Jamil

Nur Fatiin

Khalid Ajmain

Safa E. Kirani

Erni M. Kasim

Hannah Sofia

Siti Hamidah Bahashwan

Shalina Ismail

Haizah Bakar

Jumaini Ariff

Azallea Craft-Smiths

Tayeba Abdur Rahman

Poetry by : Maryam Amelie, and Hafez


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