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Storygram: Bird and Butterfly / Burung dan Rama-rama


Would you or your children like to write a story based on the pictures that we provide? It can be in English, Malay, and even bilingual! We would love other languages too but we don’t have the expertise. But do it anyway, and print it for your children and students.

1. Download this textless picture story (pdf) onto your laptop for free.
2. Add in your text.
3. Upload the story with your text on your instagram and tag us @ungu_pen.

Remember to tag us and we will repost the best stories on our IG. No time limit at the moment.

There are 14 pages to this story.
Write your title and name on page 1.
Start the story on page 2 and end on page 13.
Repost all pages (1-14) on your instagram and tag @ungu_pen.

Let us read your stories!


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