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Surah Al-Qalam 68:7

When I decided to leave my full time job in 2015, I made istikharah. By Allah's grace, He showed me Surah Al-Qalam a few times. Qalam means pen. And this is one of the reasons why my enterprise/business/commerce is

01012017: It’s our one year anniversary

It just occurred to me that Ungu Pen is exactly one year old today. When we registered Ungu Pen to be operational on this date one year ago, it was a self-proprietorship that deals with publishing and educational services.

Let’s discover the outdoors with the Saga Seeds book

"I wonder where I can find saga seeds?" Dad asks. "At the park!" suggests 7 year old Sofia. "At the park?! That's a great idea. Let me see which park shall we explore today!" There Are Saga Seeds In Our Pockets!

Mathematics is not just about counting

"Let's count to 100!" Says Mom. Fariz counted one all the way to one hundred without skipping any number and in the correct order. "Great!" Mom beams with much pride. "Which number is greater? 60 or 40?" Fariz hesitated to

Conversations on the book cover of “There Are Saga Seeds In Our Pockets!”

Ihsan takes the hardcover book in yellow and passes it to his mother. "Read to me!" says the 5 year old pre-schooler. M: "Let's look at the book cover. What can you see?" I: "Boys!" M: "Oh yes! How many

Book Launch “There Are Saga Seeds In Our Pockets!”

21 Nov 2016 Assalamualaikum! Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Thank you for taking the time this afternoon to be here today. I’m very appreciative and deeply honoured by your presence. How is everyone doing today? [PAUSE] Did

There Are Saga Seeds In Our Pockets! (Ada Biji Saga Di Dalam Saku Kami!)

After about nine months of conceiving this, YES, it's finally birthing. Birth Date: 21 November 2016 Time: 230 - 5pm Venue: The Pod, National Library Board, Level 16 Register for free admission to the birthing process. It's here.

Moving On

It has been 4 months since we set up our physical store at East Village Mall. The mall neighbourliness AND politics are plenty. Oh well, that is life and business. The media took a shot at EV Mall, stating that

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