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Raising bilingual readers

by Maria Mahat Is your child reading yet?  Is your child able to understand and communicate in English and Malay? Is your child able to read in English and Malay?     Reading is a process that has to be

Maryam Amelie – The WK Collection

  Assalamualaikum You might be wondering what does W.K. stands for? Our inspiration for this W.K. scarf collection is from a very special orchid hybrid - an orchid with white petals and red spots. The name of this orchid hybrid

Maryam Amelie – The Peranakan Collections

Do you know of a story of a Chinese princess from China who came to Malacca to be married to a Malay Sultan? Possibly through this intermarriage and political understanding, there were many Chinese immigrants who came from Southern China

Featured Author : Hidayah Amin

We invited Hidayah Amin to be part of our Twilight Feast Authors' Meet and Mingle Session, and asked her what makes her tick when it comes to writing children's books.   1. As an author of children's books, where do

Art Fazil’s latest album “RENTAK” He probably didn't remember it but we crossed paths way way back. We are happy to support his latest album that featured  hits like "Rilek Brader".  One of his two new songs is a tribute to soccer legend

PEN UP! Kid Lit Fest and Writing Awards

11 March 2018 The inaugural Pen UP! Kid Lit Awards aim to develop new bilingual and Malay language stories for our young Singaporeans. It is organised by Ungu Pen as part of the BuySingLit movement, and supported by the National

Check-in with Social Media Strategist : Nimble Sg     Here's what I have been up to.  Attending a lunchtime social by Nimble Sg - an all ladies tech start-up. Social Media is a tricky thing, don't you think? I'm an X-Gen. In my younger days,

PEN UP! Early Chapter Books – What books hook my sons?

by Maria Mahat As our children move from preschool to primary school, or as their literacy skills improve, we should offer them a variety of books to engage their interest. It seems much easier to get hold of advance books

PEN UP! Apakah ciri-ciri buku cerita kanak-kanak yang menarik?

oleh Maria Mahat Walaupun ada banyak buku cerita kanak-kanak yang sudah diterbitkan, tidak banyak buku kanak-kanak di Singapura terutamanya dalam bahasa Melayu yang prihatin dengan isi kandungan buku kanak-kanak yang berkualiti dan selari dengan perkembangan awal kanak-kanak masa kini. Cerita


Time to pick UP the PEN and start writing! Pen children's bilingual stories in English and Malay for Singaporean kids. Winners will win gifts and #BuySingLit vouchers. Who knows, your story could be published too! We are looking for the

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