You might be wondering what does W.K. stands for?
Our inspiration for this W.K. scarf collection is from a very special orchid hybrid – an orchid with white petals and red spots. The name of this orchid hybrid is Vanda William Catherine (see our IG for the story) named by the Republic of Singapore,Β in honour of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton, when the royal couple visited our country in 2012. Hence, we fondly call our collection W.K. to mean William-Kate, a name synonymous with the royal beauty and our gorgeous vandas.

We wanted to launch this collection closer to National Day, but we also wanted you to have a piece of this beauty in time for Ramadan and Eid 2018 hence the earlier launch.
The W.K shawls come in 4 colours – white, baby pink, teal and black while the WK squares come in 5 colours – white, dusty pink, grey, black and blue.

Come and get a piece of this Maryam Amelie W.K collection in shawl and square for you or gifts for your loved ones, especially your friends from overseas. Don’t you just feel a little pride in gifting an orchid scarf? At least, I do. I hope you will love our Singapore-designed scarves as much as my team and I meticulously put this beautiful piece together.

When you have bought the scarf or worn it, do tag me @maryamamelie. I would love to see it on you. We have more surprises for you, inshaAllah, in the coming days and weeks, so do follow us on IG @maryamamelie and @ungu_pen and FB @Maryam Amelie and @UNGUPEN.
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With love,
Maryam Amelie