The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

UNGUPEN started with book publishing and we expanded our services to research, training and writing. All these come under our publishing arm: Ungu Pen Publishing [UP Publishing].

But life is more colourful than that, and we have ventured into premium halal lifestyle products both online and with a physical store: Ungu Pen Lifestyle [UP Lifestyle].
We have also created our very own in-house brand: Maryam Amelie, a pen name for our Islamic English narratives and a premium uniquely-designed scarf label.

“UNGU PEN GROUP now comprises of Ungu Pen Publishing, Ungu Pen: The Lifestyle Curator (online and physical) and Maryam Amelie.

We are your go-to brand for inspiring and halal lifestyle products and services for a holistic you. We aim to be a premium Singapore brand with a global reach for all Muslim and non-Muslims.

Read – Pray – Love

Our products and services are based on providing inspirational and quality materials for both knowledge-seeking and comfortable-living.

As a content creator, we aim to create quality reading materials that inspire the minds, the hearts and the souls with wisdom from the Islamic faith.

As a lifestyle curator, we curate quality local and international books that focuses on Singapore or the Islamic faith, in the English and Malay languages.

These books are available for purchase online and at our physical store.

By creating our own line of scarf label under Maryam Amelie, we are continually growing products and a lifestyle that spread peace, and strengthen our imaan.

If you are a product creator or brand maker, and believed that your products and brands meet our values, beliefs and quality standards, come talk to us on how we can collaborate!

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