Do you know of a story of a Chinese princess from China who came to Malacca to be married to a Malay Sultan?

Possibly through this intermarriage and political understanding, there were many Chinese immigrants who came from Southern China and settled in Malaya and married with the locals.

They are known as the Chinese Peranakan.

Peranakan is a Malay term to mean “born in the Malay land/straits/locally”. The Chinese Peranakan adopted some of the local Malay cultures while retaining some of their own.

That’s how our Peranakan-inspired scarf design came about. A fusion of two cultures – love between people of different lands, faith and practices.

We drew our inspiration from the many beautiful Peranakan shophouses along Katong and Emerald Hill-from the beautiful architecture, tiles, porcelain and ceramic, from the Nonya kebaya and Peranakan batik sarong adorned by our Baba friends.

We envisioned a woman who wish to be timelessly classic and yet elegant and rooted to her heritage.

We dreamt of a woman who can stand on the world stage with her kebaya, batik sarong and a piece of Maryam Amelie.

We imagined a woman in a snazzy modern outift donning a piece of heritage scarf around her crown or shoulder.

The Peranakan-Inspired Maryam Amelie scarves are now unveiled to the world. Bismillah… . .

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