If you would like to have your story read by others so that they can learn a thing or two from you and in the process, heal themselves, send us your stories to be published in Soulful Stories 2. As they say, experience is the best teacher.

  • Target readers: 16 years old and above
  • Word Count: 800-1200 words
  • Theme: Personal story of overcoming challenges and going through a healing process rooted in Islamic faith and belief
  • Reference: Soulful Stories: Of Hope, love and light (Ungu Pen)
  • You can use your own name or use a pen name to remain anonymous.
  • If your story is selected, it will go through the editorial process before it is published.
  • You will receive one complimentary copy of the book, and discounts for subsequent purchases of the same book. One time free delivery within Singapore only. 
  • Delivery charges apply for submissions from overseas.
  • No royalty for contributors.
  • To be written in Standard British English.
  • Deadline: 1 Januari 2022 (extended) until we receive enough good stories.
  • Submit in MS Doc (not pdf), email: info@ungupen.com with header: Soulful Stories 2.
  • Please include your full name, email, mobile numbers, and a bio of 30-100 words.


Some pointers for your to start with:

  • Your challenge/ issue: What was it?
  • How did it impact you emotionally, physically, financially, mentally, psychologically etc etc
  • How did you overcome it? What did you do? Who or What or How did the “help and healing” come about?
  • Where are you at now with this situation?
  • On hindsight, what are some things that you would have done differently, if ever?
  • Final words to anyone that might be going through the same challenges/ issues?
  • Also, do give us a bit of context of your background and situation, that will help us to understand the story.


Let’s have a go!